School Uniform

Rainhill High School have a clear code of uniform with an online shop accessed via our school website where you can purchase items of uniform to be delivered.

  • Official School Blazer
  • Official School/House Tie
  • Black Flannel Trousers or Skirt
  • White Shirt
  • Black Socks
  • Black Shoes (Not Trainers)
  • Coloured Badge
  • School PE Kit*
  • School Bag(big enough for A4 key to success folder)

There in an optional official black school jumper that can be worn under the blazer when it is extremely cold. Other black jumpers are not allowed. Pupils are not expected to wear make up or any jewellery. Coats may be left in lockers during the day.

What happens if a pupil does not have the correct uniform?

Stage 1 A school version will be offered to borrow for the day and a letter sent home to parents

Stage 2 Parents will be contacted and arrangements made to bring the correct uniform into school.

Stage 3 He/she will be given a detention or spend time in Internal Exclusion until correct uniform is worn

*PE Kit expectations

The PE kit is part of your child’s school uniform and the correct kit needs to be worn. We fully suggest that your son/daughter brings their fleece to every lesson as this will be the only outer layer they are permitted to. Along with their t-shirt, shorts and socks girls can wear ALL BLACK leggings that can be purchased from school and boys can bring ALL BLACK tracksuit bottoms (in the event of very cold weather). A black base layer can be worn under t-shirts and shorts again, in the event of cold weather.

Performing arts

Key stage 3 dancers- expected to wear school uniform & remove ties, shoes, socks and blazers.

Key stage 4 dancers- expected to wear PE kit and bare feet, or leggings and a t-shirt. No cropped tops.

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