Year 11 Acceler8 Intervention Programme | Rainhill High School

Year 11 Acceler8 Intervention Programme

We have some really exciting news for Year 11 parents and pupils. We are launching the Acceler8 Intervention Programme which is bespoke level intervention for identified pupils to support them to close any gaps in learning they may have in English, Maths and/or Science.

Acceler8 will start the week beginning Monday 3rd October until week beginning Monday 12th December, 3:00pm-3:50pm. If your child has been identified for this intervention you will receive confirmation via Synergy. You will receive confirmation separately for the subjects they have been allocated and the days they are required. Sessions will take place on fixed days of the week. These will be on a Monday for Science, Tuesday for English and Wednesday for Maths.

We have used in class performance and LP outcomes from the previous academic year to identify who would benefit most from this opportunity. Pupils will work within their year groups, in smaller groups, for 50 minutes per identified subject per week. This intensive small group approach, research has proven, is more successful at closing learning gaps for pupils, so they can achieve highly in their subjects and thrive. This is a fabulous opportunity to support your child to flourish. This means attendance to the sessions are extremely important in order for them to get the most out of the programme and see impact. For every session a pupil attends, they will receive a stamp on their reward card as well as prom points. When they reach 10 stamps, they we be invited to an RH6 Reward Event this term.

Pupils have been briefed during form time by Mr Giles (YPL). This is to help pupils to understand the benefit and be confident in readiness for their first session. If your child does not attend a session, you will receive a message via Synergy to inform you. As we have mentioned, attendance to the sessions are extremely important in order for pupils to see an impact in the classroom and in assessments.

We believe this is a great opportunity for those pupils involved. The Acceler8 Intervention Programme should make a real difference both on their progress and confidence.