RH6 Splash the Cash | Rainhill High School

RH6 Splash the Cash

RH6 students set about raising funds with a sponsored Ice Bucket Challenge.

Staff and students were encouraged to buy tickets and identify from a list of volunteers who they would like to have soaked by an ice-cold bucket of water.

Plucky students Olivia Doran and Daniel Wilson and Headteacher Mrs Thorogood were the unfortunate victims but braved the elements on Friday 22nd October 2021 all in the aid of Cancer Research UK.

Special thank you to Tom Pugh, Alex O’Brien, Tom Chambers and Arabella Reed who did a fantastic job organising the event.

Mr Cunningham, Director RH6, commented that both the staff and students had really rallied around to raise funds and thanked the willing volunteers who got soaked...

The event brought a close to a busy half-term and I am sure more similar fundraising events will follow!