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LIPA 4-19

LIPA 4-19 Rainhill: Unleash Your Child's Inner Star Ignite Creativity, Build Confidence, and Discover Talent—From Ages 4 to 19!

Welcome to LIPA 4-19 Rainhill Associate Academy, where your child's dreams take center stage! In partnership with Rainhill High School and the legendary Paul McCartney's Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts (LIPA), we offer an unparalleled performing arts experience right in the heart of Merseyside.

Why Choose LIPA 4-19 Rainhill?

Personalised Journey: We offer a unique, step-by-step curriculum that allows your child to explore their creativity, stretch their imagination, and build self-confidence—all in a safe and nurturing environment.
Inclusive and Welcoming: No auditions, no prior experience needed! We welcome children and teenagers of all abilities, from ages 4 to 19.

What We Offer

  • Acting: From improv to monologues, your child will learn the art of expression and storytelling.
  • Dancing: Whether it's ballet or hip-hop, our dance classes are designed to get those little feet moving and grooving.
  • Singing: Vocal training that helps your child find their voice, both literally and metaphorically.

When and Where?

Join us for engaging classes every Saturday morning, spread over 12-week terms. Perfect for busy families!

Try Before You Commit!
Still on the fence? No worries! We offer FREE taster sessions so your child can get a feel for the magic that awaits them at LIPA 4-19 Rainhill.

Contact Us

Ready to turn your child into the next big thing in performing arts? Contact Rosario Mawby, our dedicated LIPA 4-19 Manager:
Phone: 07875 156614