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Foreword from the Chair of Governors

As Governors we act as a ‘critical friend’ and give our time voluntarily to support the school. We are responsible for ensuring that a high quality of leadership, teaching, and student performance are provided and maintained.

Our aim is to make Rainhill High School the best it can possible be for staff and students, enabling each to reach their full potential. We also want to be a good neighbour in the community we reside in and welcome comments from all stakeholders.

In the year to come we aim to build on the improvements we have made and focus on:

  • Continuing to provide and excellent education for all of our students.
  • Support out teachers to enable them to do their best.
  • Building the capability of the governor team.
  • Manage the growth in pupil numbers, so that every child is given first class pastoral care.
  • Continue to manage the school budget prudently.

Rainhill is a popular school. Our students come mainly from the Rainhill and Nutgrove parts of St Helens, but about 30% come from Knowsley, Widnes or Warrington homes. We are consistently oversubscribed. We are proud of our students' achievements in examinations, we are proud of the quality of relationships at the school and we are proud of the opportunities we give our pupils. However, we are not arrogant or complacent. We want to be the best comprehensive in the North West, and to do this we listen, work hard, innovate and are self critical.

During this time the school has improved and leadership during this period have played an important part in making Rainhill High the good school it is today.

The Governing Body will endeavour to build on this success.

Lee Townson - Chair of Governors

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Minutes from Governors' meetings are available on request from the Clerk of Governors/Trustees by contacting the school.

Rainhill High School Governing body structure

Lee Townson

Chair of Governors

Term of office start date: 10.11.21
Term of office end date: 9.11.25

Meeting Attendance for 21-22 - 100%

I am a Governor with over 5 years experience at Eccleston Lane Ends Primary School and want to bring my experience and knowledge into Rainhill High.

I have completed the Governor Development Programme and other training inputs around Children’s Social Care, Safeguarding, Looked After Children and Child Criminal and Sexual Exploitation.

I am a retired Police Officer of 26 years service having worked in intelligence and investigations for the bulk of my career. My key skill areas are in communication, leadership, relationship development/management, planning and organising, process improvement and training and mentoring.

I’m excited and positive about the Schools future, look forward to the challenges ahead and being a part of an already successful School team in its pursuit of excellence.

Barry Makepeace

Community Governor

Term of office start date: 1.3.21
Term of office end date: 28.2.25

Governor Role:
VICE chair for Personal Development, Behaviour & Welfare committee. Link Governor for Maths.

Meeting Attendance for 21-22 - 50%

Work Title/Company:
Senior Power & Control Engineer at ESSAR Oil UK

"I am proud to be part of an enthusiastic hard working governing body. Ensuring the school provides the high quality of leadership, teaching, support and performance that we expect from Rainhill High. I believe I act as a friend to the whole school: Providing support and working through the challenges we are experiencing with so many changes to the curriculum, external financial pressures and ensure we support & protect our most vulnerable children".

Sophie Sudworth

Community Governor

Term of office start date: 1.1.21
Term of office end date: 31.12.24

Governor Role:
Community Governor - Citizenship Link.

Meeting Attendance for 21-22 - 100%

Work Title/Company:
Design Engineer, SP Energy Networks.

"As a recent engineering graduate progressing through my early career, I am keen to support the school in preparing pupils for a bright future. It is great for me to have an involvement in the local community where I live and work".

Jennifer Critchley

Community Governor

Term of office start date: 19.10.18
Term of office end date: 18.10.22
Retirement -

Community Governor - Safeguarding & Child Protection Link.

Meeting Attendance for 21-22 - 16.6%

"I applied for the post of school Governor at Rainhill High as I am new to the area and wanted to make new connections whilst also supporting the local community.

I am a Children's Social Worker and hope to be able to share my knowledge and experience of safeguarding to help support the children and families at Rainhill High. Through my work and my own children I recognise and value the significance that having the right support and encouragement from School can make to a child and there future outcomes. I am excited to get to know and work with the staff, parents and pupils at Rainhill High School".

Anthony Bennett

Staff Governor

Term of office start date: 1.9.19
Term of office end date: 31.8.23

Meeting Attendance for 21-22 - 100%

Governor Role:
Staff Governor

"As staff governor I see myself as a dedicated, passionate and committed stakeholder within Rainhill High School. Over the past 9 years I have shown a considerable interest in the wellbeing of all staff, parents and most importantly the pupils within the school. I have been a keen advocate to ensuring links within the local community remain strong and bonded to the schools community values. I see myself as a longstanding, highly valued, member of the Rainhill High School family, who has shown a level of integrity and dedication that is second to none over my teaching career at Rainhill High. I whole hearted believe in the raising of standards for all stakeholders and will always strive for what is best for all concerned within Rainhill High School. I would consider my relationship with all pupils, parents, staff, SLT and wider stakeholders to be exemplary, forging countless positive relationships over the years. I see my role as a vital one, ensuring staff have a considered and valued voice that is heard, allowing for the correct ethos, culture and educational vision to thrive within the school. I represent the staffing body of the school and believe that my journey at the school has ensured I can see the viewpoints of every member of staff at every level."

Aarron Kehoe

Parent Governor

Term of office start date: 1.12.19
Term of office end date: 30.11.23

Meeting Attendance for 21-22 - 83.3%

Governor Role:
Parent Governor

"My links to Rainhill High School started over 20 years ago and I’ve been able to witness from afar the massive strides the school has taken in those years.

I live in the community and my eldest son has recently started Year 7.

As a parent of a pupil, I understand the importance of the role that Parent Governors play in helping build a clear vision for the school; as well as helping support the values, ethos and direction of the school for present and future students, staff and parents/guardians.

I am a qualified financial services professional, working in financial services since I left school, with particular expertise in financial advice and project management. I have a vast amount of experience in implementing stringent policy, procedures and compliance as well as financial planning, budgeting and financial performance management.

More recently, I have helped manage small to medium scale transformation projects for some of the biggest brands in the UK. This has enabled me to gain experience in profit and loss management, interpreting and compiling complex data, staffing structures and performance management as well as implementing and rolling out strategic company programmes and initiatives. A major part of this role was to challenge key stakeholders within the business and hold senior stakeholders to account for various performance related elements of the project.

I believe my skills and experience would be of benefit to the school. My current employer is supportive and will sponsor my membership for ‘The Key for School Governors’ service and application."

David Boyer

Community Governor

Term of office start date: 13.10.21
Term of office end date: 12.10.22
Interest declared

Governor Role:
Community Governor

Meeting Attendance for 21-22 - 100%

Work Title/Company:
Assistant Director for Transport, Environmental and Operational Services Warrington Borough Council.

"I attended Rainhill High School from 1976 to 1983 and received an excellent education. I became a Governor to put something back into the school I received so much from. I passionately believe in comprehensive education and the right of every child to have access to a good / outstanding school. My two children attend the school".

Tracey Carter

Community Governor

Term of office start date: 18.3.21
Term of office end date: 17.3.25

Meeting Attendance for 21-22 - 33.3%

Governor Role:
Community Governor

“I am currently working for the Education & Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) in the Academies & Maintained School Group (AMSG) as a Senior Case Manager. My day to day work involves liaising with Trusts and Academies and dealing with operational issues that may arise. Currently in my team at the ESFA I am one of the Safeguarding Lead Officers for the Lancs & West Yorkshire geographical area. I am the national lead for one of the largest Trusts in the country and maintain operational oversight with both strategic and operational issues throughout their estate of Academies.

Previously I had 20 years experience in the Local Authority field, with my most recent post there working closely and collaboratively with schools in the St Helens LA area. I have several years experience in governance, having operated both as a Governor in a maintained primary school in St Helens and as a Governor at a special school.”

Kate Finch

Community Governor

Term of office start date: 10.11.21
Term of office end date: 9.11.25

Meeting Attendance for 21-22 - 100%

Governor Role:
Community Governor – Curriculum Link

I applied for the post of school Governor at Rainhill High as I have a background in secondary school education and wanted to use my expertise to support the local community.

I am a Professional Tutor on the PGCE secondary science course at a local University. Prior to this role I taught in secondary schools for over 20 years. My experience of working in a school both as a classroom teacher and middle manager has given me knowledge and skills that I hope to use to help support the children and families at Rainhill High. I have a Masters in Education which gave me a keen interest in the latest educational research, particularly around teaching and learning and curriculum. I firmly believe that students achieve the best outcomes, both academically and socially, from quality first teaching. I look forward to working with the staff, students and parents at Rainhill High School.

Phil Cass

Community Governor

Term of office start date: 10.11.21
Term of office end date: 9.11.25

Meeting Attendance for 21-22 - 80%

Born and raised in Rainhill, as well as a former pupil of Rainhill High School from 1986 to 1993, I benefitted from the support of the local community throughout my childhood, and young adult years ,which helped shape the person that I have become, as well as the opportunities that I have benefited from. I want to ensure that future generations have the same opportunities that I had and this all starts with a quality, diverse education.

Professionally I am a Senior Account Manager for a private training provider of UK payroll legislation working closely with Payroll Bureaus, and the UK`s largest accountancy practises, across the country to ensure that all their payroll professional staff receive the training that is essential for their role. Prior to this position I have worked in seniors roles for various Apprenticeship training providers across the UK and am extremely passionate about the opportunities that Apprenticeships create.

I am a Co-opted governor for Eccleston Lane Ends Primary school, a Parish Councillor for Eccleston and Chair of the Eccleston Old Lane Allotment society, as well as a passionate horticulturalist and historian.

Victoria Topping

Parent Governor

Term of office start date: From 31st January 2022

Term of office end date: End 31st January 2026

Meeting Attendance for 21-22 - 100%

Teaching has always been my passion and I have worked as a secondary school teacher for the past 19 years, teaching pupils with a wide range of abilities and with different educational needs.

I firmly believe that a first class education is essential to give a child the best possible start in life and a fundamental right, which is why I applied for the position of parent governor. By taking on this role I will be able to work with the school in ensuring that all pupils at Rainhill High have access to a broad and balanced curriculum, which includes teachers at the school having access to resources to deliver the best education and opportunities to our pupils. As a parent governor I will ensure that a parental viewpoint is considered as their viewpoint is based through their children’s experience and will give a fairly accurate reflection on how polices that are being implemented are affecting the pupils.

I have lived in Rainhill for over 17 years and Rainhill High School was my first choice in high school for my daughter. I believe that Rainhill is a very good school and I am looking forward to strategically helping the school move forward and working with other governors, staff, parents and pupils.

Meeting Attendance 21-22 …%

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