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English Key Stage 4

Students begin Key Stage 4 in Year 10 and culminates in the completion of two distinct GCSEs one in English Literature and one in English Language. For both subjects students will follow the Eduqas GCSE syllabus.

English Literature will include the study of a range of engaging and interesting texts that cover a range of genres and historical periods.

These include: a Twentieth Century drama – Blood Brothers by Willy Russell or An Inspector Calls by J.B.B Priestley; pre-1914 prose in A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens; the Shakespearean tragedy Romeo & Juliet and a collection of poetry from the Eduqas Poetry Anthology. These texts will cover a range of topical and thought-provoking themes which reflect the society in which the texts are written and received.

English Language will focus on the essential skills needed for literacy: reading, writing and oracy. Study will be thematic and allows students to develop and practice the strategies needed for the exam and life beyond school. Students will read, interpret and analyse a range of fictional and non-fiction texts and develop their own writing skills to be able to produce successful transactional writing for different audiences and purposes, as well as engaging narratives.

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