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Art, Design & Technology

Art Design and Technology

Art, Design and Technology

Art, Design and Technology at Rainhill High School allows the pupils to explore Technology beyond the National Curriculum and build the next generation of engineers, creators and designers. The students will acquire the necessary skills to operate fully as industry experts and have an innate passion to always ask why.

The diversity of our project work prepares and equips all pupils to embody British values and the role of design technology to ultimately develop a forward-thinking, skilled and professional workforce for the future. Pupils at Rainhill High School are encouraged to partake in a wealth of extra-curricular opportunities to enable the students to become familiar with a variety of contexts and place greater value on the place of Technology in their lives and in the wider world.

In the department, the pupils thrive from a positive culture and climate, which enables skilful delegation and the ability to play to the strengths of all pupils.

We promote a positive, yet challenging climate where pupils are encouraged and supported to take risks and have high expectations that are clearly modelled by our experienced staff then having the recognition for doing so.

We are proud to have a team of staff that have wealth of experience and enthusiasm:

Art, Design and Technology Faculty

Head of Art Design Technology FacultyAnthony Bennett
Second in Art FacultyLaura Goodwin
Head of Food StudiesSharon Bolland
Food DT TeacherJessica Joynson
Art Graphics & Photography TeacherPeter Quirke
Art Graphics & Photography TeacherLaura Simms
Art Graphics TeacherRachel Thomas
Art Textiles TeacherRuth Smith
Design Technology & Resistant Materials TeacherPaul Brown
Design, Technology & Resistant Materials TeacherChloe Waddilove

“I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way—things I had no words for.” — Georgia O’Keeffe


Art (Key Stage 3)

Food Technology (Key Stage 3)

Product Design (Key Stage 3)


Art (Key Stage 4)

Fashion (Key Stage 4)

Art Textiles (Key Stage 4)

Art Graphics (Key Stage 4)

Construction (Key Stage 4)

Food Key (Stage 4)

Food Preparation & Nutrition (Key Stage 4)

Food Technology (Key Stage 4)

Photography (Key Stage 4)

Textiles (Key Stage 4)