Catch-up Funding

Catch Up funding allowance for 2019-2020 is £14,256

Literacy & Numeracy Catch Up funding

This is used to support the progress of students that are below expected level in Literacy and Numeracy. The funding is used to offer these students bespoke 1 to 1 or small group intervention with specialised Literacy and Numeracy teachers to support their development and enable them to access all parts of the curriculum.

  • The number of pupils below the ‘expected’ level of 100 has decreased steadily
  • Over a number of years, the impact of reading recovery and literacy intervention has been consistently strong.
  • The small number of pupils remaining below chronological reading age at the end of the year are SEN and continue with literacy withdrawal and support throughout Y8.


  • Pupils are ARTI tested at the end of Y6 as part of the induction day at Rainhill High School
  • This data is cross-referenced with SATs scores in July of that year
  • Where a pupil’s ARTI is significantly below the KS2 Reading score, they are retested on entry to the school in September to ensure that data is reliable
  • Cohorts for reading intervention are then determined based on
    • Pupils with a KS2 score (reading) below 100
    • Pupils with a KS2 score (reading) below the ‘national average’ of 104
    • Pupils whose ARTI score suggests intervention is necessary
  • Lessons start in September. Pupils are withdrawn from non-core subjects and follow a structured reading recovery programme. Pupils are retested at October half term and the cohorts then refined. It is expected that all pupils in the 100-104 category graduate from the programme at this point.
  • This process is repeated throughout the year.
  • Class teachers are initially made aware of pupils who are receiving input and are kept informed of their progress throughout the year in order that they can support in the classroom.
  • Parents are informed and strategies on how they can support at home are given to them

Numeracy Intervention at RHS

Impact of Maths intervention 2018-19

  1. On completion of Year 7 2018-19 Maths intervention the results of the catch up cohort were encouraging:
  2. 60% of the cohort were within one whole grade of their EAP target
  3. 20% were on target
  4. 20% were above target.
  5. Through Student Voice it was noted that all pupils who received 1 to 1 Maths Catch up intervention gave positive feedback about their experience.

Year 7 Entry Profile Maths 2019-20

  1. The number of pupils below the ‘expected’ level of 100 has decreased in 2019, (only 47 pupils)
  2. 2019-20 sees the introduction on additional maths lessons for our lowest attaining pupils on entry
  3. Over recent years the maths 1 to 1 programme continues to support our most vulnerable mathematicians and helps make great gains in learners progress and self confidence
  4. Pupil’s progress is regularly tracked throughout Year 7 and any learners who continue to show low levels of attainment and confidence will continue to receive maths intervention in the form of 1 to 1 or additional maths lessons in Year 8

Maths intervention at RHS 2019-20

  1. 1 to 1 programme to continue - Pupils with low attainment on entry are prioritised for extra support and withdrawn from lessons once a week
  2. An extra maths lesson every 2 weeks has been allocated to a low attaining cohort in Year 7
  3. All pupils provided with access to online learning tools that provide therapy videos, interactive practice questions and worksheets. All extra work accessed is closely monitored by class teachers.
  4. All class teachers are aware of pupil’s starting points and work closely with all learners to improve their mathematical ability and confidence.

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